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What is a Certified Hand Therapist (CHT)?

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The hand holds a unique place in our lives as our only creative connection to the world around us. It is undeniable that man’s success as a species is directly related to the sophistication and precision of this powerful and graceful appendage and the way we use our hand is as unique and variable as the finger prints it leaves.

Hand Therapy is an artful science focused on the rehabilitation of the movement and function of the Upper Limb. When an OT or PT becomes a Certified Hand Therapist, they dedicate their profession to the study of the function and rehabilitation of the upper limb. In 1991, in order to assist “consumers and the health care community in identifying those therapists who meet the rigorous standards required of Certified Hand Therapists”, the Hand Therapy Certification Commission (HTCC) established this certification (

The hand certification is the only internationally recognized advanced certification for occupational and physical therapist. The HTCC reports that there are only 5900 CHT’s world-wide today.

Hand therapists have a unique set of skills that are required to maximize the outcome of your arm and hand injury. Often, in order to maximize your progress splinting is integral. All therapists that treat a hand must understand how, why, when, and when not to construct a splint.

Orthopedic and Sports Physical Therapy

The HTCC reports that there are only 5900 CHT’s world-wide today.


Certified Astym® providers are available at Hands Plus!


Hands Plus is committed to offering top-quality care. We have clinicians on staff that underwent the intensive training and education to become Astym-certified.

Astym treatment is the regenerative medicine of therapy and is designed to restore soft tissues at a cellular level.  It regenerates healthy soft tissues (muscles, tendons, etc.), and removes unwanted scar tissue that may be causing pain or movement restrictions.  Astym therapy has helped countless people by restoring their movement, getting rid of their pain, and giving them back their lives. 

Astym therapy is so effective because it was scientifically developed to target the actual cause of the pain rather than just the symptoms. Years of scientific and clinical research conducted at leading universities and hospital systems resulted in Astym treatment, which now routinely resolves injuries that were previously thought to be permanent.  Astym treatment is unmatched in its ability to resolve tendinopathies, scar tissue problems, and other soft tissue dysfunctions

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