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Our History

David Girard has been a Physical Therapist for over twenty four years. He has specialized in Hand Therapy for twenty years and a Certified Hand Therapist for over fifteen years. David has worked with many different types of orthopedic and neurological diagnoses though out the years including fractures, wounds,  tendon and ligament injuries, tendon transfers, joint replacements, amputations, CTD’s, digit and hand replants.

David worked at Northridge Hospital fabricating both Orthopedic and Neurological splints from 1988-1992.

He was a leading Supervisor for HealthSouth including setting up a work hardening program and managing three Hand Clinics from 1992-1998.

David gained extensive clinical experience as the Director of Hand Therapy for Pacific Coast Health Care from 2002-2003. He has owned and operated two successful clinics, one in Santa Clarita, California “Hands Plus Physical Therapy” and one in Denver, Colorado “Preferred Hand Therapy Solutions.  A successful addition to David’s career is his current focus at Southern California Orthopedic Institute as the leading Certified Hand Therapist in the Van Nuys location.

David is skilled in Fabricating all types of Static, Static progressive, Dynamic finger, wrist and elbow splints.

  He has lectured extensively in the areas of Hand Therapy including Joint Mobilization of the upper extremity, Splinting (beginning and advanced), Physical Agent modalities and Introduction to Hand Therapy

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Meet the Therapists


David Hubert, MOT, OTL, CHT.

Occupational Therapist/ Certified Therapist, Partner

David graduated from Saint Francis University in the mountains of Pennsylvania with his Master’s degree of Occupational Therapy at the age of 23. Passionate from the start about the complexity of the hand’s grace, it’s diversity of skill, and it’s capacity for power, David has specialized solely on rehabilitating and enhancing the function of the hands and upper limb for the past 14 years. David’s approach is meticulous and unique as he examines the entire upper limb in order to appreciate how these complicated structures function in concert with your complete body while they are carrying, creating, and manipulating. As an occupational therapists, David is focused on functional performance and his patient’s independence whether their injury affects their work, self-care, and/ or leisure. This elbow-deep, hands on approach creates a unique experience for each distinctive person.

David Girard, PT., CHT.

Physical Therapist/ Certified Hand Therapist, Partner

David has practiced physical therapy for over 30 years and is a Certified Hand Therapist with 23 years of experience in the specialty. David has served the Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valleys for 21 years as a skilled clinician, a leader, and an educator. David’s experiences have included working with and treating people with neurological ailments and individuals with orthopedic conditions by designing and hand making sophisticated, individualized splints, managing complicated fractures, tendon ruptures, digital and hand replantations, and managing and directing several clinics as well as operating his own business.

David’s diverse experience, knowledgeable instruction, and soothing demeanor is reassuring to both the adult and the teen patient, with whom he is particularly accomplished guiding them through an individualized rehabilitation program aimed at future injury prevention.

David uses his comprehensive insight and observation to help guide current and future generations of therapists. He has done this by mentoring and lecturing extensively in various areas of Hand Therapy such as joint mobilization of the upper extremity, introductory and advanced splinting, introduction to hand therapy courses, and physical agent modalities. David has also contributed to the literature and text books by co-authoring on subjects like the treatment of carpal tunnel syndrome.